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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:29 am    Post subject: Colts-Rigoberto-Sanchez-Jersey Reply with quote

dictive as we previously thought Broncos Domata Peko Jersey ," Temple says.

"That's proven to be a massive error in judgement. These drugs are incredibly addictive. We began to see that around the year 2000 as the overdose rate just began to creep up and then shoot up," Temple says.

"If you have a predilection toward addiction, you are going to find it very hard to use opioids as prescribed. You are going to find yourself increasing the dose. It' s almost impossible for someone with a tendency toward addiction to use opioids as prescribed," he said.

Temple says opioids and heroin are "chemically and pharmaceutically the same drug. They come from the same plant, they produce the same high, and they lead to the same addiction."

Temple says he's troubled that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has over the years allowed companies to manufacture more and more opioids.

"That number has just increased and increased over the years," he says, noting an opioid called oxycodone.

"In 1993 the medical community got by with less than 4000 kilograms of oxycodone, and in 2014 we produced almost 150 Broncos Ronald Leary Jersey ,000 kilograms, so less than 4,000 to 150,000 kilograms. It's an incredible rise, and the DEA signed off on that," Temple says.

In the last year, that has begun to be curtailed, and last year a sizable cut was announced.

"But it's going to be a long time, if ever Broncos Menelik Watson Jersey , before they can get those numbers down to where they were in the 90s," Temple says.

"And there's a massive pharmaceutical drug lobby in Washington D.C. that is pushing the federal government as hard as they can to do what the drug companies want, and I think that's a big part of it too," Temple says.


The source of drugs like heroin is "constantly changing" Temple says, "because as soon as you clamp down on one source, another one comes about.

At some point around 2010 to 2012 things began to change and a lot of addicts found themselves switching from legal pain killers to heroin, Temple says.

That's when Mexican drug groups extended their reach to places like rural West Virginia, he says.

"And at that point there were various Mexican drug groups that began to systematically target parts of America that had never had a heroin problem before," he said Broncos Shaquil Barrett Jersey , "including west Virginia, and bringing drugs into those areas, because they knew that there was a prescription drug problem in those areas, and that prescription drugs were becoming more expensive and that there was an opportunity to exploit that by bringing in heroin, heroin being cheaper, and transitioning people from pain killers to heroin," Temple says.


Allen believes there's a unique cultural element behind the massive drug addiction problem in the U.S.

"The number one cause of addiction is lack of self-esteem," she says. "That's my personal opinion."

The other issue is what might be referred to as America's drive-through culture, in which Americans are used to getting exactly what they want almost immediately.

That has been re-enforced Broncos Shelby Harris Jersey , culturally, at every level. Credit cards allow people to buy something now without saving money for it; lower-income people can buy luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes, as long as they buy on credit at a high interest rate. Bad credit? No problem - you can still get a credit card. Cash problems? There are myriad "cash now" services available, in which people can take home a thousand dollars at a pop by using their car as collateral. Globalization has made it possible for even low-income people to buy the latest flat-screen TVs, smart phones and other electronic gadgets. High-end jewelry can be had at heavy discount through online shopping sites.

In America, consumerism rules, and in many cases, consumers get everything they want, right away. Savings rates in the U.S. are low - "why save for tomorrow when you can have everything today?" goes the thinking - and credit card debt is high.

"I want pain relief now Broncos Justin Simmons Jersey , I want money now, I want that car now, I want whatever," Allen says, explaining the nation's mentality of instant gratification.

"So the now-ness," is a major factor, she says.

Another root issue of the drug epidemic is a "lack of consequences," for children, "where parents are like 'oh Broncos Jake Butt Jersey , I' m sorry you don't feel good. Let's go to the store, let's buy you something," she says.

"We see over and over again, parents not giving children consequences," she says.

Also, some parents work long hours and, out of guilt for not spending enough time with their kids, will give them money or will not punish them when appropriate.

When asked what she would do if her son were alive today, Allen says Broncos Chad Kelly Jersey , "I would get him out of the country. I would take him to Portugal, Italy, Spain, go to a country that has changed its orientation on how they treat this disease. They treat it as a disease. And they have programs that run three to five years, where you live in a community...but their orientation is to help heal the person," she says.

In stark contrast, most drug rehab programs in the United States only last for around 30 days, and often the government still sees the problem as one of law enforcement rather than a health issue.


When asked what it's like to be the parent of someone with addiction issues, Allen says Broncos Brendan Langley Jersey , "that's what's going to make me tear up - it' s hell," she says, tears beginning to stream from her eyes and voice shaking.

"There' s no other way to describe it," she says, as this reporter hands her a tissue and she wipes tears from her eyes.

"It's a roller coaster ride," she says, explaining that there was always a lot of unpredictability.

"He's ok, now he's not ok. Oh, he's in jail. Now he' s safe. Oh Broncos Carlos Henderson Jersey , he's out of jail, he's ok. Now he's not," she says, adding that her son had

BUENOS AIRES, March 8 (Xinhua.
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